Changelog 11/27/20
ChannelBot v4, new website, dashboard, and reorganized docs!
After months of tiring work, we're happy to bring you ChannelBot version 4! We've added new features, fixed bugs, recoded every single command, built a dashboard and changed up our website! Thank you so much for waiting, and we're thankful that you were part of this journey. First of all, I'd like to give a big thank you to our wonderful beta testers! Zoin, BeanJR, Differential flux, Reptetion, unbelievable 🍕, and Ryan, and an even bigger thanks to Mason for helping A LOT with the development of version 4.
We've changed ChannelBot's database to MongoDB from JSON, which is a lot more secure, faster, and gives us a lot more flexibility! And last but not least, we're excited to release our Dashboard! Though it has only basic settings, it's a lot easier to manage some things on the dashboard instead of with commands on Discord. This dashboard is still new, and there may be some bugs crawling around, so be sure to let us know if you find any! Check it out here.

Bot Changelog

+ New Features/Commands

    Auto Publish
      Automatically publish messages in an announcement channel!
    Auto Role
      Automatically give users a role when they join your server!
    Voice Link
      When a user joins a voice channel, give them access to a text channel automatically!
      Backup your server's roles, channels, and permissions.
    Debug Command
      Guided debugging of the bot, or a specific command.
    Mod Bypass
      Toggle the ability for server moderators to bypass channel modes, like imageonly.
    Support Command
      Links to ChannelBot's support server
    Toggle NSFW
      Toggle the NSFW channel setting, as this isn't possible on iOS

+ Updated Features/Commands

    Add Emoji
      You are now able to add an emoji by specifying an existing emoji from a different server. ch!addemoji :emoji: name
    Addperm & Delperm
      You can now allow and deny multiple permissions at once, as well as voice channel permissions!
    Channel Info
      You can now get info on all types of channels, as well as much more info!
    Create Channel
      You can now create all types of channels, and create them in a certain category! ch!createchannel "name" type category
      You can now disable categories as well as commands, and commands disable for everyone, not only normal users.
      Better designed help command which links to the website commands page, as well as having an in-discord commands list.
      Better designed info command, as well as more and more accurate info!
    List Webhooks
      Better designed list webhooks command, and you are now able to specify channels by name!
      Change a role's mentionable setting by role name instead of role mention
      Now lists permissions for both voice and text channels.
      Better poll embed design.
    Private VC (Join To Create)
      Any settings changed in a JTC voice channel will be reflected in the channels created. (bitrate & user limit)
      Purge no longer deletes pinned messages, and can delete messages from a specific user.
    Reaction Roles
      Fixed a bug where users were only able to create 4 reaction roles instead of 5 without premium.
    Add Role
      Give a user a role by name instead of mention.
    Server Info
      Fixed a bug where some of the voice regions were not working.
    Server Setup
      Better and faster templating system!
    Set Image
      Everyone will be affected by the image only channels by default. This can be changed by running ch!modbypass
    Set Suggestion
      There are now three emojis all of which can be customized. Thumbs up, thumbs down, and shrug!
    Lock & Unlock
      You can now lock channels for a specified amount of time, having them unlocked automatically!
    Hide & Slow
      You can now hide channels for a specified amount of time, having them shown automatically!
    Suggest Emojis
      You can now make certain suggestion emojis not appear, reset the suggestion emojis to default, and set suggestion emojis to default discord emojis.
    User Info
      You can now get information on users who are not in your server.
    User/Role Lock/Unlock
      You can now lock and unlock for roles by name, instead of mentioning them.
    Welcome Messages
      Welcome messages no longer display in embeds, and now have placeholders which can be found here!

- Removed Features/Commands

    All Moderation Commands
      Being the most incomplete and unused module, we've decided to remove the kick and ban commands, as we wanted to go more in depth into the channel management and server management field.
    Role Mentions In Commands
      ChannelBot no longer sees role mentions as a role resolvable. This means that when the bot asks for a role in a command, it's asking for a role name.
    Delete Pin Delay
      ChannelBot now instantly deletes pinned message notifications instead of allowing you to set the delay before it does.
    Development Template
      We've removed the development template, as it isn't used very much anymore.

Premium Additions

    Default Roles
      Select the roles that ChannelBot changes permissions for when running the lock, unlock, hide, and show commands!

Premium Changes

    Addpermall & Delpermall
      You can now specify multiple permissions at once, as well as adding voice channel permissions.
    Upvote Restrictions
      Premium servers can now bypass the upvote restriction for backups.
    Premium Suggestions
      Premium users' suggestions now get priority!

Website Changelog

      We've completely coded a new dashboard into the website where you can easily manage settings, and plan to expand this even more in the future! Check it out here.
    Commands Page
      We added a new commands page to the website which can simplify the process of finding and learning how to use commands.
    More Guides
      We've added more guides to our guides category here.
    Design Changes
      We've redesigned some of the pages on the website to fit the ChannelBot theme.
    Privacy Policy
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