Server Setup

What is server setup?

If you want to start a community, a friend group, or anything else, ChannelBot server setup is a great way to get started! Choose from a variety of templates, and ChannelBot will create all roles, permissions, and channels for you!

How to setup your server:

In your server, run ch!serversetup. If the bot prompts you to upvote, follow the instructions.

Once you have upvoted, run the command again. You should see something like this:

Choose one of the templates, and send the name of the template to the channel. The bot will ask you to confirm if you want to setup your server. Setting up your server will delete all channels, roles, permissions, and emojis that were there before, so use caution! Run ch!confirm if you would like to continue, or wait 10 seconds to cancel.

If you continue, the bot should start deleting all channels and roles, then creating new roles and channels. You will receive a DM when it is complete.

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