Changelog 10/11/19
ChannelBot version 3 released! New features, nicer design, and more!

▶ New Features/Commands

    DM Welcome Messages
      You can now setup a DM welcome message when a user joins your server: ch!setwelcome
    Reaction Roles!
      You can setup reaction roles (when a user reacts to a message, they get a role) by running ch!reactionroles
    Mod-Only Commands
      You can make all ChannelBot commands mod only by running ch!modonly. You can view your settings with ch!settings
    Channel Templates w/roles
      Channel templates now add roles and permissions based on them!

▶ Improved Features

    Improved Moderation
      Ban and Kick commands have been improved with more aliases, and a better command format.
    Nicer & More Accurate Info Command!
    Improved ch!move command!
    Nicer looking ch!permissions command to list possible channel permissions.
    Nicer and more useful ch!settings command.
    Channel topic command improved.
      Better command format.
    Welcome messages in nicer format.
    Slowmode command now accepts english notation for time.
      Accepts 5m, 2h, 5s, 5minutes, etc.
    Fixed webhook command glitch.
    Nicer embed color and format for all commands.
    Improved help command.

▶ New/Improved Premium Features

We improved premium features to work better than before! You can purchase premium on our patreon page here.
    Lock Message Command Improvements
      Running ch!lockmsg will start the lock message setup.
      Lock messages are already included in the ch!lock command. No need to run ch!msglock.
    New Embed Command
      Premium servers can use the new ch!embed command!
      An embed creator for premium users!

▶ Other Information

This ChannelBot update may contain bugs! Please report them in our support server here. Users who find bugs will receive the "Bug Hunter" role! Thank you all for being patient as I rewrote ChannelBot completely to make it more useful you guys and myself to add new features. Also a big thanks to my patrons who donated to make this update possible!
    ConiXMusic: $8 Patron
    VForce: $1 Patron
    Zounq: $9 Patron & $2 Donation
    jadedrain: $1 Donation
If you would like to become a donator, you can become a patron, or donate here.
Thanks for your continued support!
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