Server Backups

What are server backups?

If you are worried that your server will be raided or destroyed, you can create a backup. Backups backup roles, channels, permissions, and some messages, so you don't have to worry about losing everything. Backups can also be restored in a different server.

Backup Limits

You can create one backup every 25 minutes, and unused backups are deleted from our database after 10 days. Once you restore a backup, the backup is gone forever.

How To Create a Backup

In your server, run ch!backup. Depending on the amount of roles and channels, this could take a while. Once you see the conformation message, your backup was saved! Check your DMs for the backup ID and other info.

How To Restore a Backup

To restore a backup, run ch!restore <backup ID>. The bot will ask you to make sure you want to do this. Restoring a backup will delete all channels, roles, permissions, and emojis. Run ch!confirm in the next 15 seconds to continue, or do nothing to cancel. If you accidentally restore a backup, there is nothing we can do to fix it.

After you confirm, the bot will delete all channels and roles, then create them. You will receive a DM when the bot has finished restoring a backup.

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