🎉v5 Changelog

After 3 months of work and then like 5 months of nothing lol we finally got around to finishing the version 5 update! We've completely rewritten the bot and improved the codebase a lot. We've added new features, ported all commands to support slash commands, fixed bugs, and improved the way the bot functions in general.

Because this update has so many changes, there's likely a lot of bugs in commands, and we'll work on fixing them over the next couple of days.

Big Changelog

Whole-bot Changes

  • Slash commands!

    • We've added slash command support for all commands! They're much easier to interface the bot with, so we highly recommend using them.

  • Buttons/Other Components

    • We've integrated buttons and other components into features and commands that previously used reactions (confirmations, etc)

  • Command/Message Edit Running

    • Spell a command wrong? Don't worry! You can edit that message to run the command again instead of re-sending it.

  • Better Command Argument Parsing

    • We've improved the parsing of command arguments to now support the same parsing for all commands. Here's what every command now supports:

    • Users: User mention, ID, Username

    • Roles: Mention, ID, Name

    • Channels: Mention, ID, Name

  • Better Command Handling

    • We've improved command handling on the bot! Try running ch! ------h-EL-p and observe that it still parses the command. This is an extreme example, but you can put -'s anywhere and use any case you'd like.

  • Better Command Formatting

    • We've improved the general formatting of command responses to be more user friendly, and just look better in general!

  • Better Dashboard Handling

    • We've rewritten the backend for the dashboard to improve it and fix a lot of bugs.

New Commands

  • Button Roles - /buttonroles

    • Reaction roles, but with buttons! Setup messages that when you press a button, a role is added or removed from a user.

  • Auto Thread - /autothread

    • Automatically create a thread on any message in a channel!

  • Dashboard - /dashboard

    • Get a quick link to the server's dashboard.

  • Emoji Lock - /emojilock

    • Lock an emoji to a specific role in your server.

  • Play (Activities) [BETA] - /play

    • Play games in voice channels!

  • Clear Perm, Clear Perm All - /clearperm

    • Like /delperm but sets a permission to / instead of on or off.

Updated Commands

  • Add/Del Perm, Add/Del Perm All - /addperm

    • Instead of a multi-step process, you can add a permission all in one command!

  • Clear Channel - /clearchannel

    • Now has an "Are you sure" confirmation message to prevent accidental clears!

  • Create Channel - /createchannel

    • Slash command support only, much simpler interface and more channel types.

  • Temporary Locks/Hides - /lock /hide

    • These now unlock and show at much much more accurate times with a new timing system.

  • Sticky Messages - /sticky

    • Most of the previous sticky message bugs have been fixed! You can now use emojis or spam channels a ton, and the message will always appear after the newest one.

  • Temporary Channels [DEPRECATED] - /tempchannels

    • Now only works with buttons, previous reaction temp channels will still work. Deprecated in favor of threads!

  • Voice Link - /voicelink

    • Better support for multiple text channels for one voice channel, common bugs fixed.

  • Role All - /roleall

    • Better handling of mass-adding roles, status updates.

  • Backup/Restore - /backup

    • Backup and restoration commands are now both moved to /backup create and /backup restore. Confirmation messages are added to prevent accidental backup creation.

    • We've improved the backup code, but there might be bugs.

  • Mods Commands (addmod, delmod, etc) - /mods

    • All mod management commands have been moved over to /mods

  • Server Setup - /serversetup

    • We've removed the "support" template due to little use.

  • Welcome Messages - /welcome

    • Fixed a couple placeholder bugs

  • All Settings Commands - /settings

    • We've moved all settings commands (autodelete, modonly) to be subcommands of the settings command.

Aaand that's all of the major changes! Most of the commands not listed here have subtle changes in formatting or arguments, so you might notice those as well.

Thank You!

Thank you so much for using the bot, and for sticking with us every time we said "that'll be fixed in the next update". We really appreciate it, and glad you all enjoy using the bot.

There will be some bugs we need to iron out over the next couple of days, so hold tight and let us know if you find anything!

We've put months of work into this update, and if ChannelBot has helped you we'd super appreciate it if you donated to the project! You get some perks and help support the work we've put into it.

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