Reaction Roles

What are Reaction Roles?

Reaction roles use discord reactions. When a user reacts with a specific emoji on a message, they will receive a role. Removing the reaction will remove the role. Most communities use these features to give users access to channels, get pinged on updates, and more! Today we're going to show you how to set them up with ChannelBot.


For this guide, you will need developer tools enabled. For more information on enabling developer tools, check out this guide by the Discord team.

Step 1: Message

In your server, choose a channel that you would like the reaction role message to be in. Then, send a message instructing users to react with an emoji to get a role.

My reaction roles instructions

Step 2: Role

Create the role in your server you would like the user to receive when reacting. Make sure to get the permissions correct!

Step 3: Creating the Reaction Role

Now comes the tricky part. In any channel, run ch!rr create. This will start the reaction role creation process.

Now, the bot is asking you to upvote. This helps us keep the bot online and growing. Press the link that says Click Here, and complete the process there. Upvoting limitations can be bypassed by purchasing premium.

Run the ch!rr create command again to start the process.

The bot is now asking for the reaction channel. This is the channel you sent the message in earlier. Please send a message in this channel mentioning the channel you send the message in.

Ex. #get-roles

Now, the bot is asking for the message you sent earlier. Go to the message and click on the three dots next to it and press copy id. If that button does not show up, make sure you followed the earlier steps here.

The Copy ID button

Go back to the channel where you are setting up the reaction roles, and send the ID to that channel. Ex. 655818895499853844

Now, you need to send the emoji you would like to use. Make sure it is a custom emoji and is in the server that the reaction role is in. Ex. :mmLol:

Now, you need to send the role you would like the bot to add. For me, this is the updates role, so I would send updates to the channel. Make sure you are sending the name of the role and not mentioning it.

If you see this message, you have successfully created the reaction role!


To test that the reaction role works, go to the message you sent in the beginning. If you see a emoji, the reaction role worked. Press on the emoji and check your roles. If the role was added, your reaction roles are working perfectly.

A fully setup reaction role


Here are some common mistakes and how to fix them.

  • If the bot says "invalid reaction" or doesn't respond after sending the emoji, make sure that you sent am emoji from the server, and that it is a custom emoji.

  • If the bot says "invalid role", make sure that the role name you sent is real.

  • If no emoji shows, make sure that the bot has permissions to react to messages in the channel. A simple way to confirm this is by giving the bot "Administrator" permissions.

  • If reacting to the message does not give a role, make sure that ChannelBot has a role above the role you are trying to add.

If you are still confused or need help, please join our support server.