Changelog 4/26/20

You see a circle on the channel? Don't worry, it's only a piece of dust.

▶ New Features/Commands

  • Add Emoji Command ch!addemoji <image link> <emoji name>!

    • Add emojis to your server with ease!

  • Delete Emoji Command ch!delemoji <emoji or emoji name>!

    • Delete emojis from your server with ease!

  • User & Server Information ch!serverinfo and ch!userinfo (user)!

    • Get user & server information!

▶ Fixed Features/Commands

  • Fixed List Webhooks Command

    • We made the server webhook listing actually work.

  • Fixed Space Channel (Kind Of)

    • See a dot in the new channel name? Don't worry, it's only a piece of dust.

  • Fixed Join To Create Voice Channel Bugs

    • Yea there was some thing going on where moving a user out wouldn't work it should be fixed now don't worry I think.

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