Join To Create Voice Channels

What is a join to create voice channel?

A JTC voice channel is a voice channel that allows members to join to create their own channels. Below is a video of it working:


Create a category that the voice channel will be in! This will be used later.


In any channel, run ch!privatevc. This will start the setup process! The bot will ask you for the name of a category. Send the name of the category you created the step above.

Now, the bot will ask you for the name of the channel. Send the name you would like the Join To Create channel to be called. I chose "Join to Create" for this tutorial.

And you're done! Changing any of the channel settings, like the user limit or bitrate will be cloned into the user's channels! Test the channel by joining it and seeing what happens. If all goes well, it should look something like this:

Need Help?

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