Changelog 2/13/20

Role Management, Better Reaction Roles, & Bug Fixes

▶ New Features/Commands

  • Add/Remove Role Command ch!role (user-mention) (role-name)!

    • Easily add and remove roles with the new role command! Will add if user doesn't have, and remove if they have it.

  • Reset Role Permissions Command ch!resetrole (role-id/name/mention)!

    • Reset all role permissions with one command!

  • Role Mentionable Command ch!mentionable (role-id/name/mention)!

    • Toggle a role's mentionable status!

  • Reaction Roles Normal Emojis 😃

    • Reaction roles will now work with normal emojis like 😃

  • Role Info Command ch!roleinfo (role-name)

    • Get information on roles!

▶ Bug Fixes

  • Help command modules and commands not showing up when running ch!help info and ch!help role

  • Reaction roles default emojis not working

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